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Alisha Miller ( Professional artist)

"It was a wonderful privilege to be asked to make the design for the Celebration Tablecloth, having worked on occasions at Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre teaching art I've had a small glimpse of what goes on there.  This project offered me the opportunity to get behind the scenes to meet and draw all the wonderful volunteers doing what they do to make the Heritage Centre a fantastic place to visit. That time gave me an insight to the amount of love, dedication and hours the volunteers contribute to the content and sustainability of the building. Along with the volunteers I drew all the people and groups who use the building for meetings, dance and acting practice, weigh-ins, creativity, auctions and so on.  Such an eclectic  mix of people contribute to keeping this amazing space lively and interesting and how wonderful it was for all those people to be brought together with the amazing women from the stitch group who also dedicated them time and embroidery skills in a celebratory afternoon of thanks and entertainment.  It was a real treat to watch everyone find themselves featured on the tablecloth and and show our appreciation to the all volunteers".  

Maxine Tuffin ( Heritage Centre Trustee & Volunteer):

"The celebration event was a wonderful way to bring the local community together in a building that was saved by volunteers. Thanking the volunteers recognises the valuable work they do and how the best things happen when people come together to to make something happen which is important to them. 

The Heritage Centre volunteers are often unseen, but it is their dedication that keeps this place a vibrant welcoming community space for the user groups, and it means a lot that everyone came together to thank the team and recognise what a special place they make for the local community. Its the people who make a community. Also, I enjoyed being part of watching the project develop, the centre becomes alive with colour, chatter and fun on a Thursday when the art group are in the building. It's my favourite day of the week! "


Joanne Lole ( Project Lead):

A lot of people came together to make this event a wonderful success. Allowing us to develop this project over a year, and working with 2 local professional artists, gave so much more meaning and value to everyone involved. Many extra good things are already happening as a direct result of this project; community links strengthened, more volunteers help at the Heritage Centre, people have joined other groups, schools met and shared ideas with the team, plus everyone learnt more about the history of the building and it's importance to our heritage and community.


The Celebration Tablecloth

A Community Project funded by the Big Lottery To see the  complete tablecloth click this button