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Nuneaton late 1950’s.

Top left - Floods in Church Street 1958, Bridge Street is on the left.  The “star” sign is the old Granby Head public house.

Top Right -Coton Road again, viewed from the Rope Walk side.  The Midland Red Bus Garage suffered the same fate as the houses, becoming a small open space with a fountain and benches, then the Council House.

Left - Bond Gate opposite the old Hippodrome Theatre.

Right - same place looking across to bus shelter

Middle left - temporary bus station on the cleared site of Alderman Melley’s house which was bombed and demolished in the 1941 raids.  The row of wooden shops now stands there and the Ford Prefect is parked outside what will become the Library.

Middle right - Outside the Town Hall, or Council House as it was then. The imposing building across the road is the Police Station, now the Yorkshire Bank.

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